Onboarding & Device Integration

Seamless and quick integration of Philips devices (AHRM, Scale, BMP) was crucial for user retention.

Tracking Healthy Habits

Big picture goals translated into smaller actions help make the process of lifestyle change more achievable and sustainable over time.

Nutrition Management

Philips nutrition plan accommodates multiple nutritional models including: caloric, glycemic, exchange-based, portion-controlled, and/or elimination-type diets.

Streamlined Data Visualization

This helps users track and understand their progress. Users can easily measure their blood pressure, sleep, heart rate, calories burned, cholesterol, weight, water, etc. and be informed on how to improve them.

Health Assessment

Understanding each person’s unique health goals, needs, and motivations help make it possible to deliver intelligent, targeted recommendations to each user.


Users can participate in fun and challenging goals while fostering social connections that increase participation and success.

Feed & Templates

We created what we called container templates. These templates were created to streamline the types of content for development into a set number of layouts. Here are a few examples…


In this detailed styleguide we called out the CSS for color, typography, buttons, and forms as a reference for development as well as details on specific components like the navigation.


Though the focus of the Philips product was their app, we also created a desktop portal.

“Shelly is the golden combination of incredible talent, boundless enthusiasm, and a curiosity fueled collaborator!”

– Kimberly Jennings, UX Director, H2 Wellness


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