Igniting the power of community fitness.


Coaching, gym member, and gym owner app platform.


Design MVP (minimum viable product) app.

My Role

I was the Creative Director for FitStation as well as wireframed the entire app, worked on clickable prototypes, smoke screen landing page, pitch deck, business cards, etc.

About FitStation

FitStation is where leaders, gyms, studios, groups and friends all come together to spread the power of community fitness. Through this platform, gyms can keep their members engaged which reduces the revolving door of gym members.


Launched in 2018 (4 months for UX/UI Design)


3 Product Designers (myself)
3 Developers


Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision,, Google Docs, Typeform


Card-sort, moodboard, creative brief, personas, user-flows, user-testing and results, wireframes, user interface design, clickable prototype in invision, branded pitch deck, business cards, social media assets, smoke test landing page, basic logo, and app icon


How can we keep gym members engaged?


Create a thriving community that helps clients & trainers meet goals, track progress, and get actionable feedback. Trainers can make a deeper connection with their clients by sending them workout encouragements on days off, which keeps them motivated, engaged and accountable. Trainers can also invite gym members to events or fitness classes and help connect them with other like-minded individuals.


How can we reduce the time spent on client managment?


Create a well-thought-out client management system to engage the community and streamline client management tasks.

Design Process

We used a lean UX product cycle which is a user-centric approach that focuses on reducing the costs produced during the design cycle. This enhances the UX through multiple iterations with minimal time on documentation.


The goal of this app is to create a platform that gives users the feeling of community and connectedness, even if they aren’t physically together. Below are some examples of the creative brief; asking questions that are key to the success of the product.

What Needs Are You Solving?

• Providing a support system/community always at your fingertips
• Creating a goal setting environment
• Offering encouragement
• Tracking for trainers to see client progress and offer accountability
• Interactive communication

What Key Values Do You Want to Communicate?

• We are stronger together
• Community motivates
• We perform better when we are accountable to others
• Relationship building
• 24/7 connectedness

What is the Target Audience?

• People working in the fitness field
• People wanting to work in the fitness field
• People currently on a fitness journey
• People ready to take the first step

Competitive Analysis

In order to design the best app possible for FitStation, we needed to research their competitors. This helped us understand their competitors features and functions and showed where they excelled or lacked. Knowing their short comings gave us the advantage to create a superior product.

Competitive Analysis
Card Sort

We met with the client to do a card sort for their MVP (minimum viable product). We sorted out all the features and functions into two main piles: must-have’s and nice-to-have’s. From there, we were able to determine what the core features and functions were that also aligned with the budget and timeframe given.

The following must-have’s were determined to meet both the user and business goals: calendar integration, contact management, client messaging, client management, groups, feed, and smokescreen website


There are three main users: Coach/Trainer, Gym Member & Gym Owner/Admin. Below we are focusing on the Coach/Trainer.


• 20’s
• Female
• Fitness Expert


• Help my clients reach their fitness goals.
• Connect with my clients and community outside of our sessions.
• Assist my clients with their exercise regime outside our 1:1 sessions.
• Support my clients as they move forward.

Sketching & Wireframing

I took the “must haves”, created user-flows and sketched out a few ideas on the whiteboard. Next, I wireframed the entire app. I then created a prototype for user-testing to ensure we met business and user goals.

Visual Design

I sent the client two creative briefs: color psychology and visual likes/dislikes. From these questionnaires, I created a moodboard that inspired the visual design.

View Moodboard
Design System

The design system was created for ease of maintenance for the dev team.

User Testing & Iterations

We user-tested the hi-fi designs, addressing and adjusting any issues we discovered.

The main takeawy from user testing: We confirmed that coaches loved that they were able to offer instant feedback to clients.

User Testing Results

“Everything about our engagement from the start was great and exceeded our expectations.”

– Roger Williams, CEO at FitStation

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