Helping people lead healthier lives through fitness, nutrition, and peer support.


E-Commerce, Social Platform, Video on Demand, Multi-level Marketing.

About Beachbody

A fitness and nutrition platform that has helped thousands of people lose weight and get in shape through their on-demand workout videos and shakology. Beachbody coaches and their groups help users reach and maintain their fitness goals.

My Role

Lead Designer for BOD Groups responsive website. Created the visual language (how color, spacing, alignment, icons, and visuals were displayed). Designed interactions, exported comps to Zeplin, QAed and provided feedback to dev.


Redesign entire BOD Groups responsive web platform.


May - Oct 2019 (6 month period)


1 UX Director
1 UX Researcher
1 UX Designer
1 Product Designer (myself)
3 Visual/UI Designers
1 Offsite Dev Team


Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin, Slack, Invision, Jira,


Sketches, Wireframes, User Interface Design, Icon Design, Export Designs to Zeplin, QA, Changes Per User Tests


Coaches want a more compelling and engaging groups platform to drive user retention and easier ways to recruit people into these groups.


Redesign the Start a Group flow so that coaches can get their group up and running quickly. Design a new feed to encourage social engagement and encouragement which then resulted in user retention. Create a more user friendly way of inviting people into groups.



• 20’s – 30’s
• Female
• Stay at home mother
• Side income online


• Easier ways to invite/recruit users
• User retention
• The ability to market themselves
• A platform that keeps users motivated thought encouragement and progress
• Create a solid sense of community

Group Admin Flow

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Redesign the Feed

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Tools for Inviting People

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Design System

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“I directly managed Shelly for about 6 months at Beachbody and was extremely impressed with her design sensibilities. She has a great eye for spacing and proportions and was able to tackle a wide range of design challenges, from very utilitarian interfaces to more visual experiences. We brought Shelly on while we were establishing a company-wide design system and she was instrumental in helping to create and manage that system in a way that was well-designed and scalable. Finally, Shelly’s experience in health and fitness was clear. She has a good sense of user motivations and needs and is also knowledgeable about the digital landscape in that space, so she was able to hit the ground running when she came on board.​”

Andrew Turrell, Senior Director of UX & Product Design at Beachbody

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