A Community Trading Platform for Investors to Get Insights, Powered by Blockchain.


Social media platfrom


Design MVP web app

My Role

I was hired by Digital Karma as the User Unterface Designer for this Minimum Viable Product (MVP) web app.

About InvestorIM

A platform that connects like-minded investors so they can collaborate and make better investment and strategy decisions. The platform creates a one-to-one relationship with publicly traded companies and their investors, as well as potential investors.


Launched in 2016


2 UX Designers
1 UI Designer (myself)
1 Developer


Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision.


Wireframes, Visual Design, Clickable Prototype in Invision, Styleguide, Social Media Assets, Email Design


How can investors talk privately about their investment strategies?


Joining group chats or using instant messages allow private discussions on specific stock, news report, or the market.


How can we connect Investors with fellow like-minded investors?


Create a social hub for all traders. Investors can invite, discover, and follow investors owning the same stocks; create, explore, and interact with investor-related groups; and follow and track their favorite companies.

“Her creativity goes beyond good design but also reaches into effective product strategies and solutions. Every client we’ve had has been happy with the designs she created!”

–┬áJill DaSilva, CEO & Head of Product Design at Digital Karma (Agency)

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