A SaaS technology for fleet management and next-generation data visualization.


Vehicle Tracking, Hardware integration, iOS & Android App


Create the app portion of carmine's vehicle telematics system for fleet tracking.

My Role

As the Lead App Designer, I was responsible for wireframing and designing the entire iOS App. I explored a few animations and interactions within the app. I also oversaw the Android app.

About Carmine

Carmine is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that offers a fleet management technology and next-generation data visualization. The company aims to help fleet businesses manage their drivers efficiently, reduce costs, and reach new levels of productivity and profitability.


June - Aug 2015 (3 months)


1 Design Director
1 App Designer (myself)
1 Visual/Branding Designer
1 Production Designer
1 Offsite Dev Team


Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin, Invision.


Wireframes, Visual Design, Animated Interactions, Styleguide


How can we increase productivity and driver safety while reducing costs?


An integrated behavioral alert system and an automotive dongle that plugs into their fleet vehicles. Allowing fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ behavior in real-time and immediately correct issues such as excessive idling, high RPMs, harsh braking and accelerating, speeding or long trips.


How can we enhance communication between fleet managers & drivers?


Instant notifications alert the manager to behavioral issues they may need to address. The manager can message the driver directly via the app, creating a trusted dialog between driver and fleet manager.


Kickoff & Discovery

I started by immersing myself in the use cases and reseach then whiteboarded ideas with team members to solve for the different business and user goals.


I wireframed the entire app based of a wireframe checklist that I was given. After a few small modifications to the wires I moved on to visual design.

Early Interaction Design Prototype

I used pixate to explore various animations for the loading screen as well as the primary and secondary navigation.

Visual Design

We took the basic styleguide designed for print and added additional color swatches, icons, and other web/mobile specific components. I created a clickable prototype that was presented to stakeholders.

View InVision Prototype
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