A Little About Me

As a Product Designer with 10+ years of experience, I am committed to creating a positive impact through user-centered design. I'm driven by a fascination for aesthetic, delightful and intuitive products.

My design career started out in architecture where I solved spatial 3D problems for human-occupied spaces. Through architecture I learned how to problem solve, prototype, iterate, research and think creatively. It has also helped me acquire a deep understanding of how people interact with their environments and how to design for people. These skills I have been crucial in designing for user interfaces.

Currently, I’m fascinated with immersive experiences and spatial interfaces like AR, VR, MR, emerging technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and social impact products.

Outside of technology, I enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, traveling and photography.


UX Design

Competitive Analysis
Card Sorting
User Flows
Clickable Prototype
User Testing

UI Design

Creative Brief
Clickable Prototype
Basic Animations
iOS & Android App
Web App
Responsive Web
Design Systems
Exporting Assets for Dev

Other Creative Skills

Icon Design
Graphic Design
Print Design
3D SketchUp Modeling
2D/3D AutoCAD

Design & Prototyping Tools
Adobe Creative Suite
Google SketchUp Pro

Why Hire Me?

10+ Years of Experience

I have a vast background in many areas of design, but I specialize in designing user interfaces. I have worked on many successful projects from concept to dev handoff for clients ranging from start-up businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Reliable & Delivers Projects on Time

I have never missed a deadline and my work exceeds my clients expectations. Check out what they are saying below...

Design Systems

Ever tried herding cats? That's what its like to work with multiple designers when no design system is in place. I utilize a collection of repeatable components to create the design systems with symbol libraries that everyone on the team can use. And developers love a component based library!

Clean ­In Thinking & In Style

My design aesthetic is edgy, minimal and effective. I bring together form and function to create stunning, innovative digital experiences that meet business and user needs. This is where my problem-solving skills meet visual impact.


“Shelly is the golden combination of incredible talent, boundless enthusiasm, and a curiosity fueled collaborator!”

– Kimberly Jennings, UX Director at H2 Wellness

“Everything about our engagement from the start was great and exceeded our expectations.”

– Roger Williams, CEO at FitStation

“Her creativity goes beyond good design but also reaches into effective product strategies and solutions. Every client we’ve had has been happy with the designs she created!”

– Jill DaSilva, CEO & Head of Product Design at Digital Karma

“I directly managed Shelly for about 6 months at Beachbody and was extremely impressed with her design sensibilities. She has a great eye for spacing and proportions and was able to tackle a wide range of design challenges, from very utilitarian interfaces to more visual experiences. We brought Shelly on while we were establishing a company-wide design system and she was instrumental in helping to create and manage that system in a way that was well-designed and scalable. Finally, Shelly’s experience in health and fitness was clear. She has a good sense of user motivations and needs and is also knowledgeable about the digital landscape in that space, so she was able to hit the ground running when she came on board.​”

– Andrew Turrell, Senior Director of UX & Product Design at Beachbody

“Shelly created a user-friendly design for our social media application that significantly improved the user experience!”

– Matthias Zeitler, Owner at MarkTheGlobe and Co-Founder at Coworking Bansko

What is Zippyzealous?

Zippyzealous is a moniker that describes my personality and work ethic. When I am passionate about a project, it sparks a fire that drives me to reach my goals, no matter how impossible they may seem.

(ˈzɪpi ; zipˈē)
lively, fast, full of energy

(ˈzɛləs ; zelˈəs)
enthusiastic, having great excitement and interest