Hi, my name is Shelly...

With over 14 years of experience in the dynamic field of design, I am a passionate advocate for user-centric design, I thrive on the intersection of creativity, problem-solving, and cutting-edge technology. Leveraging my background in architecture, I bring a unique perspective to product design, blending spatial awareness, attention to detail, and interdisciplinary collaboration. With a deep-rooted fascination for design systems, mobile apps, and augmented reality, I’m dedicated to crafting seamless digital experiences that resonate with users on multiple levels. Guided by principles of Design Thinking and armed with a keen attention to detail, I approach every project with adaptability and critical thinking, striving to uncover innovative solutions to complex challenges. My journey in design is fueled by empathy for end-users and a commitment to collaboration, where effective communication and teamwork are paramount. Through my work, I aim to push boundaries, inspire change, and create meaningful connections between people and technology.

What does 'Zippyzealous' mean?

Celebrating the essence of my personality and approach to work, ‘Zippyzealous’ encapsulates my vibrant spirit and unwavering commitment. Fueled by passion, each project ignites a relentless drive within me, propelling me toward achieving even the most challenging objectives with unwavering determination.


(ˈzɪpi ; zipˈē)
lively, fast, full of energy


(ˈzɛləs ; zelˈəs)
enthusiastic, having great excitement and interest

Rave Reviews...

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Shelly during a pivotal moment at PMI as we undertook the ambitious task of overhauling our design system. Within just a year, she conducted a thorough audit of our existing assets and developed an extensive UI kit in Figma, featuring over 100 meticulously designed components tailored for our digital experience team. This invaluable resource has revolutionized our workflow, significantly boosting efficiency and ensuring a cohesive and consistent user experience across our digital platforms."

– Erin Connors, Design Operations & Creative Leader, Digital Experience at PMI

"I worked together with Shelly at Plastiq on the Mobile team. We had worked together at the Walt Disney Company as well. Shelly is a full-stack designer with the ability to take on absolutely any design, as well as product challenges thrown her way. Her capabilities were directly responsible for Plastiq's ability to go from napkin sketch to completed and launched mobile app at in absolute record time. The app is gaining MAUs at a fast pace and opening a completely new channel for revenue for the company. Capabilities aside, which are endless, Shelly is an absolute darling to work with. I couldn't think of anyone better to have by my side in any design venture, and I'm 100% positive anyone else would feel the same. If you have the opportunity to work with her - do it!"

– Daniel Lopez, Principal Product Designer at Plastiq

"Shelly is the golden combination of incredible talent, boundless enthusiasm, and a curiosity fueled collaborator!"

– Kimberly Jennings, UX Director at H2 Wellness

"Everything about our engagement from the start was great and exceeded our expectations."

– Roger Williams, CEO at FitStation

"Shelly is an amazing designer with exceptional Figma expertise! She meticulously migrated our design system components from Sketch to Figma while simultaneously making improvements and recommendations. Shelly addresses design challenges holistically and develops scalable solutions with a focus on systems design and consistency. Shelly also played a significant role in sharing her figma knowledge with me and the other UX designers ultimately fostering a collaborative learning environment within the team."

– Stephen Rennekamp, Lead Visual Designer, Digital Experience at PMI

"I had the pleasure of working with Shelly at Plastiq as well as The Walt Disney Company. I recommended her to Plastiq after I arrived because of her strong work ethic and her unique ability to get the job done. There are very few designers that can match her quality of work and volume. She is a great co-worker and has a great personality, someone that makes the work day enjoyable. Shelly has been a critical piece to our teams and has spearheaded many critical company initiatives. She navigates ambiguity with grace and resolve. A true problem solver and professional. I enjoyed every moment that I worked with her."

– Omar Tavarez, Staff Product Designer at Plastiq

"I was extremely impressed with Shelly's design sensibilities. She has a great eye for spacing and proportions and was able to tackle a wide range of design challenges, from very utilitarian interfaces to more visual experiences. We brought Shelly on while we were establishing a company-wide design system and she was instrumental in helping to create and manage that system in a way that was well-designed and scalable. Finally, Shelly's experience in health and fitness was clear. She has a good sense of user motivations and needs and is also knowledgeable about the digital landscape in that space, so she was able to hit the ground running when she came on board.​"

– Andrew Turrell, Senior Director of UX & Product Design at Beachbody

"Her creativity goes beyond good design but also reaches into effective product strategies and solutions. Every client we've had has been happy with the designs she created!"

– Jill DaSilva, CEO & Head of Product Design at Digital Karma