Most health and wellness organizations share one challenge, changing human behavior. H2 existing solutions are focused on tracking behavior, not changing behavior. This creates awareness but doesn’t drive the user to change their behavior. H2 understands how to leverage technology to influence human behavior by delivering, the right message, to the right person, at the right time — in support of the desired outcomes.

Senior UI Designer

My Role

I helped design the white label platform that H2 Wellness currently uses with their clients. I saved the company months of design time by doing fast iterative prototyping of their responsive fitness/wellness tracking dashboard. I worked on creating custom fitness/wellness products that integrated into the H2 Wellness platform for various clients such as Philips, Atkins, Curves, Rite Aid, and many others.


Wireframes, Visual Design, Animated Interactions, Clickable Prototype in Invision, Styleguide

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