Carmine is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that offers a fleet management technology and next-generation data visualization. The company aims to help fleets businesses manage their drivers efficiently, reduce costs, and reach new levels of productivity and profitability.

Lead App Designer

My Role

I was contracted through Blend to lead the design of the Carmine app. I hit the ground running by immersing myself in the use cases and whiteboarding ideas with various team members to solve for the different business and user goals. I then wireframed out the iOS app and created some animations for various interactions. I then worked with a team member to create the design system. From there I designed the entire app.

Launched In



Wireframes, Visual Design, Animated Interactions, Clickable Prototype in Invision, Styleguide

Business Challenge

How can we increase productivity/driver safety & reduce costs?

With an integrated behavioral alert system and an automotive dongle that plugs into their fleets vehicle. This allows fleet managers to monitor their driver’s behavior in real-time and immediately correct issues such as excessive idling, high RPMs, harsh braking and accelerating, speeding or long trips.

Business Challenge

How can we enhance communication between fleet manager & driver?

By using instant notifications notify the manager of behavioral alerts that they may need to address. The manager can message the driver directly in the app. This creates a trusted dialog between driver and fleet manager.


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